Our Expertise

We have a wide experience in the ferrous and non ferrous metals, minerals and mining sector and have developed a vast knowledge bank through our in-depth studies

Our expertise includes:

We have conducted market assessment studies globally and potential end use applications
We have conducted market research globally on major minerals as well as niche ones ranging from coal and iron ore to graphite, mica, zircon, kaolin, lime and limestone, borates, titanium dioxide, feldspars powder, quartz powder, nano minerals such as silver and magnesium.

  • Domestic and International markets for special steel products
  • Demand and supply side estimation and analysis region wise and nationwide for a variety of metallurgical products
  • Global study of lifespan, collection rates and recycling losses for select metals
  • Quality and quantity of raw materials (minerals) and other inputs required to assess availability for and feasibility of metallurgical projects
  • Market for HSS in  North American non automotive segment
  • Developing growth strategy for Indian alloy steel market
  • Market assessment for steel rebars in Yemen & neighbouring countries
  • Techno Economic feasibility report (TEFR) for rebar project
  • Assessment of global heavy forging demand
  • Feasibility of TiO2 and Zircon production from India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia
  • Underground civil engineering industry in USA and Canada to evaluate current technology and trends
  • Potential for sourcing Mica from India 
  • Study of coal mining engineering services in India
  • Study of seismic onshore services market in India
  • Opportunities in Indian copper market 
  • Strategy review for a leading Indian MDO
  • Opportunity for Oman Mining in India