Our Expertise

Avalon Global Research has worked across the value chain for the agriculture and food sector including production or farming, processing and sourcing, handling and logistics as well as sales and distribution.

Our experience includes poultry and animal feeds, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, crushing and oil refining (oil and cake) and farm products like milk, meats, grains, pulses, etc
We have studied basic food processing including feed additives, flour, oats, tomato paste, fish and meat products
We have studied alcoholic beverages, ready to eat meals, biscuits, bread, sauces, ice creams, chocolates, snack foods, etc
We have studied agricultural products and wastes like cotton linter, bagasse, corn etc; agrochemicals like Lindane, Cypermethrin etc; chemical intermediaries for agrochemicals like acetic acid, benzaldehyde etc; farm mechanization like tractors, post harvesting equipment etc; and agricultural inputs like fertilizers, organic manure, etc

  • Value enhancement in the agri sector-integrated supply chain
  • Study of starch industry in India
  • Market entry evaluation for probiotic food manufacturer
  • Market study for an Indian coffee chain
  • Market feasibility for salt in Bangladesh
  • Study of dairy industry in China
  • Business plan for building a supply chain for fruit & vegetables
  • Demand estimation and supply chain mapping for food grains
  • Due diligence for wheat flour mills business in Yemen
  • Prioritisation for market entry in biscuits and pasta  in Europe