Our Expertise

We have done several indepth assignments in the Engineering sector.

Our experience includes:

We have studied a range of capital goods from airport equipment and industrial forgings to distillation systems and electric brake systems
We have studied diesel engines, FOCS engines, centrifugal pumps, control valves, etc.
We have good knowledge of a range of consumables and ancillaries from tools and dies to lubricants, coolants and welding equipment
Our experience includes metal cladding, water treatment services and consulting services
We have a good understanding of the business dynamics in the Electrical Industry by virtue of having conducted several assignments in this sector. We have studied transformers and switchgear, alternators, insulators, transmission line towers, etc.

  • Global market for electric motor brakes for a US based large engineering major
  • Market study for EOT cranes and identified diversification prospects for a leading engineering major
  • Study of fabricated equipment and machinery sector in India
  • Study of stainless steel equipment for food sector
  • Assessment of machinery for natural stone processing
  • Pumps usage in select segments of the chemical industry
  • Entry strategy for pumps business in India
  • Market study for conventional industrial valves
  • Valves usage and prospects in 3 states in sewerage sector
  • Reviewing the sales and service strategy for engines
  • Market assessment for alternators and diesel engines
  • Market study on diesel generating sets and alternators
  • Market study for boiler tubes in India
  • Developing a growth strategy for a leading European lube oil manufacturer
  • Olefins (a lubricant additive) market analysis and customer identification in Asia and EU
  • Estimation of market for metal working fluids in India
  • Detailed company profiling of lube companies in the Asian region
  • Valuation of a specialty lube company
  • Market assessment of rubber processing oils
  • Opportunity for textile lubricants in Japan
  • Detailed assessment of Polybutenes (a key ingredient of lube oils)
  • Assessing the potential for pre-packaged oil-fuel blend for 2 T engines
  • Market potential and technology scan in bearing and circulating fluids
  • Global market study for energy efficiency services in the oil refining sector
  • Market study for maintenance services in the oil refining sector
  • Coal mining engineering service opportunity analysis
  • Short listing of design and engineering service firms
  • Assessment of facilities management in Bahrain
  • Understanding the market for HV and EHV Insulators
  • Market study on alternators (100 kVA–10, 000 kVA)
  • Market study for transmission line towers
  • Market assessment for transformers and switchgear
  • Market assessment for captive power plants (3-50 MW)
  • Market study on MV/HV circuit breakers
  • Assessing the attractiveness of aluminium conductor business
  • Market study on EHT cables in India