Our Expertise

We have done extensive work in the energy sector.

Our expertise includes:

We have a good understanding of the global oil and gas sector across the value chain from the exploration stage to downstream processing to distribution and sales. We have experience in traditional oil& gas industry as well as unconventional sources of energy which includes Oil sands, shale gas, gas hydrates, etc.
Avalon has conducted numerous commercial and technical studies in the area of emission control across various sectors including refineries, petrochemical installations, fertilizers, coal/thermal power plants etc. Some of the areas of our expertise include particulate emission control, CO2 capture and Storage (CCS) across Europe, SO2 capture, amine treating, NOX emission and control, dioxin removal, mercaptan removal , guard beds, sulphur removal technologies etc. We have good knowledge of both the residential and industrial waste water treatment segment and have studied various aspects of solid waste management.

  • Market mapping for maintenance services market in upstream & refineries
  • Understanding the trends in the rapid and deep crude characterization techniques
  • Understanding coal bed methane business in India
  • Analyses of parameters for selected North American gas basins
  • Study on various technologies in the domain of Benzene and BTX aromatics production
  • Opportunities for gas treating technology in India
  • Identification of  technologies associated with various C4 feed stock and first step derivatives
  • Study of cyclic fixed bed reactors for refinery and petrochemical plants
  • Market study for non-paraffinic waxes
  • Study on state of art  Oxychlorination/HCl conversion technologies
  • Securing the global supply chain for wind and solar energy
  • Global Market study on usage of PVDF Film in the back sheet of solar panels
  • Assessment of aluminium demand in the Indian solar energy sector
  • Assessment of storage demand in off grid solar PV applications in India
  • Assessment of the solar cooker opportunity in India
  • Evaluation of the Indian market for solar vaccine refrigerators
  • Understanding of wafer fab and PV module fab projects in India
  • Evaluation of the solar value chain for a suitable opportunity primarily focusing on the India market
  • Assessment of the demand–supply situation for wind energy forged components in China with 5 year projections
  • Assessment of alloy steel demand in the wind energy sector in India
  • Opportunity for biomass syngas
  • Market study for vegetable fuel briquettes
  • Techno Economic Feasibility study for a sugar beet based ethanol plant
  • Availability and economics of producing bio ethanol in India
  • Assessment of waste water treatment opportunities from Ganga action plan
  • Assessment of garbage management system for Mumbai