Avalon Global Research has a good track record researching markets for consumer goods, identifying supply chain partners, logistics cost optimization and understanding consumer behavior- in short all the research a consumer facing business needs

We have studied market opportunities and distribution for consumer durables including brown goods (TVs, music systems, etc) and white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, ACs, etc)
AGR has also done work on several other consumer products like spectacle frames, lenses, female hygeine products, cosmetics, etc.
We have conducted various types of studies for the FMCG sector from market entry and value chain assessment to consumer behavior studies. Some of the products studied include beverages, branded food products, fruits and vegetables, dairy and poultry, staples, chocolates, health drinks, etc.

  • Market study for a leading electricals and electronic manufacturing company.
  • Market study on understanding the organized melamine crockery market in Asian countries
  • Study to understand the intensity of copper in consumer durables market for a leading metal producing conglomerate
  • Company profiling of a leading shoe manufacturer in India
  • Entry strategy into select home appliances in India
  • Assessment of the Indian market for refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Assessment of the market for premium ceiling fans in India, USA, Australia and UK
  • Growth plan for a leading player in the kitchen-ware segment
  • Understanding the market for fabric and accessories for trousers, fashionwear, workwear
  • Understanding the textile industry in Tunisia for a leading consulting company