Our Expertise

We help clients understand the impact of technology and process on business competitiveness and hence have designed multiple services to enhance and protect their edge in the marketplace.

We conduct prior art patentability searches, licensor search, clearance searches, patent landscape, white space analysis, patent valuation, competitive intelligence as well as patent portfolio services to look at various monetization opportunities
We help our clients understand the entire gamut of technology domain be it identification of new technology in the market or evaluate the current state of technology, look for licensing opportunities, identify and evaluate suppliers, estimate capital and operating costs, assess technology agreements so as to ease the clients selection process
Our expertise includes identifying new technologies, tracking technological developments and licensing opportunities, estimating capital and operating expenditure as well as identification of vendors and manufacturers
Overview of technology domain and evaluation of current state of commercialized technology, scan on key players, project activity and financials as well as assessment of technological and commercial tie-ups and agreements are some of the services we provide
We conduct detailed techno commercial analysis to track threat from substitute technologies, potential market size as well as articulate cost benefit analysis to help clients take new products to the market
Together with our partners we conduct Process simulations and modeling exercises using various commercially available tools like HYSYS, Aspentech, PROII etc and also detailed EPC level cost estimates and model installations with various process units and equipment sizes

  • Understanding the white biotechnology market in India
  • Conducted a study to understand the aviation fuels patents landscape for a leading petrochemical giant
  • Understanding the pharmaceutical technology in India for a leading chemical company
  • Identified potential new applications for Rankin Cycle
  • Complete survey and analysis of biotechnology in India for a leading chemical and pigment giant
  • Understanding the changing technology trends in aircraft technology
  • Conducted technology research on innovative thermal insulating materials for building applications
  • Understanding the prioritization in modern biotechnology for a leading pharmaceuticals company
  • Understanding the gas treating technology changes and trends and its service
  • Conducted a 360 degree of product lifecycle study on sodium petroleum sulphonates and calcium petroleum sulphonates