Our Expertise

Combining our experience with social media and an in-house proprietary social media listening tool (Explic8), we are able to provide a host of social media services ranging from basic listening to category research.

From basic listening for specific issues and tracking brand and competition on specific campaigns to category research to understand consumer behaviour are some of the services we provide under social media research and analytics
Using a mix of technology and deep understanding of social media conversations, we are able to provide real time leads to brands and businesses
We provide end to end online reputation management services that involve brand mentions across multiple online channels and real time response on behalf of the brand
We provide digital and social media strategy and deployment assistance. This consists of defining online customer engagement through focused listening and background research and then evolving an online and SM strategy encompassing all online channels
We provide an actionable, robust, quick and cost effective way of understanding business and growth implications related to what your customers are saying about your brand and competition using internal and external online sources of conversations

  • Social media monitoring and response management for a leading paints company in India
  • Leads generation using Social media channels for a leading paints company in India
  • Social media training and opportunity identification and prioritization for a pharma company in India
  • Social media strategy, deployment readiness, customer themes for audience engagement and advice on content and channels for a leading company in Saudi Arabia
  • Offering customer care enhancement advice based on social media monitoring and sentiment analysis and opinions, SM lead generation for a paints company in India
  • Analysis of current branding and impact on the online audience through listening for one of India’s largest telecom operators
  • Evaluation of customer response with respect to a new advertising communication for one of India’s largest telecom operators
  • Evaluation of TV serials based on consumer response in digital media for one of the leading television channels in the country
  • Customer perception on retail outlets in Europe for a global group of energy and petrochemical companies
  • Benchmarking service levels for a hotel chain for a leading brand building agency in India