Our Expertise

AGR provides actionable data and information support clients’ tactical plan as well as inputs for strategic plans across various functions. We adopt a combination of primary as well as desk research to get you the most valuable information which otherwise may not be available in public domain.

We help clients collate market information, categorize and structure them in the form of a database for regular updates
We identify and validate potential buyers and customers for client’s products and services
We provide ground level information about competitors’ business operations by speaking to stakeholders across the chain
We help clients profile target company or a product or a market covering key parameters depending on the objectives

  • Supported a large global bioinformatics firm in their global sales push by identifying and validating potential clients in food processing sector across Europe and Asia for their food testing software
  • Conducted global interviews among hatcheries to identify technical process used and to validate potential buyers for vaccines
  • Created a database of firms who can be potential participants and sponsors of a home décor event organized by a European trade consulate
  • Conducted interviews among hotels and restaurant chefs and procurement heads to understand the purchase trend, volume and typical requirements
  • Prepared a product dossier on various APIs (pharmaceutical ingredients) covering key technical information, key players and their operational details
  • Created a database of M&A metrics for top 300 companies in UK based on financial filings
  • Created a database of medical professionals covering their area of specialisation, achievements, awards, affiliations, study papers, research thesis, etc
  • Tracked the developments on gas to liquids , coal gasification and gas hydrates globally covering technology, market developments, pricing, projects, contracts, regulations etc for a large oil refining major
  • Collected and analyzed trade and pricing data of select chemicals across India for a leading chemicals manufacturer
  • Conducted a detail analysis and profiled 14 acid gas treating companies for a leading process technology development firm in the USA
  • Conducted a competitive intelligence on asphalt market in USA for a large oil exploration major
  • Conducted a global landscape study on energy efficiency services