Our Expertise

We have extensive experience in capturing and analyzing customer perceptions and providing actionable insights to brands and businesses about their customers.

Some of our services are:

The Process Oriented Satisfaction Assessment Technique (POSAT) is a proprietary tool by Avalon which is used in stakeholder satisfaction assessment and other customer management exercises The model provide essential inputs on the key drivers of customer satisfaction, customer value, competition benchmarking, loyalty, involvement etc to enable corrective actions and proactive decision making
The Brand Perception exercise involves studying the various facets of a brand and its relationship with intended target groups. Study is conducted with various stakeholders associated with the brand to ascertain the health of the brand, its performance, relative weakness and positioning, future potential, relevance and efficiency. The study provides necessary inputs to help the brand owners reconnect with users better and to increase market share
We provide a large number of social media services and use proprietary technology. To know more about our social media services please click here
We also provide proprietary research models for consumer research which are devised in-house by our experts and tailor made for specific client requirements. An example is The Satiety Plus Research Model which discreetly measures the consumption of snack foods by people engrossed in another activity. The insights from this study help clients plan their marketing and media strategies

  • Understanding key drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty for a leading automotive giant
  • Customer satisfaction assessment study on supply chain management for a leading auto ancillary and component manufacturing company
  • Conducted a brand perception survey for a leading brand consulting company in Abu Dabhi
  • Evaluated the depth of consumer discussions for a consumer category for a leading paints brand in India
  • Comparative analysis of customer conversation and sentiment for a client through a benchmarking exercise against best in class globally, locally and sector based comparisons for a leading bank in India
  • POSAT study on fertilizer market for a leading chemical conglomerate
  • Understanding the brand perception for a leading specialty steel product company in India
  • POSAT study on petrol pumps for a leading engineering and construction company
  • Gauging the customer voices on social media for a leading petrochemical giant
  • Facilitating the ongoing customer feedback analysis on social media for a leading paint manufacturers in India