Our Expertise

Our business research services help our clients plan their organic and inorganic growth strategy by making them understand the competition better and also gauge the market potential for their products and services.

Our business research services include:

Our services include overview of the sector covering industry size , growth, market shares, consumer behavior and analysis ranging from supply chain to financials
We help analyze the growth potential of end use sector and forecast the market for a particular product or service globally or in a given region
We help client’s get an insider view of competitor’s business operations and decipher their alliances, pricing and growth plans
We analyse global production and trade movement to help clients understand potential market for demand and supply of products as well as to support logistics plan
We help clients understand the country’s attractiveness by analyzing the natural advantages as well as its political, economic, social and legal structures
Our Target identification services include listing, profiling and interviewing of specific industry participants
We provide snapshots of company background, financial and operational performance, order book developments, peer review as well as market capacity expansion plans and SWOT analysis

  • Understanding the opportunity prioritisation in inorganic chemicals for a large cement and chemical conglomerate in India,
  • Conducted a backward integration opportunity study on Titanium dioxide for a leading pain and pigment manufacturer
  • Customer satisfaction assessment for soda ash distributors in India and African Market for a leading chemical company in India
  • Conducted a study to understand the global market for electric motor brakes for a global machinery company
  • Conducted a traffic and tariff estimation study for RoRo facility between Ghoga and Dahej for a leading marine engineering company
  • Conducted a dealer satisfaction as well as partner evaluation an identification study in countries like Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, KSA, Morocco, Cameroon, Angola as well as West Africa for a leading automotive giant
  • Conducted a company profiling activity on airframes and aeroengine manufacturers for a leading energy and petrochemicals giant
  • Conducted a complete country profiles for breakfast cream, evaporated milk and tomato paste in the African and GCC market
  • Facilitated the re–entry as well as regaining of market shares for a leading three wheeler manufacturing giant in the Tanzanian Market
  • Opportunity assessment study for a leading chemical company to diversify into construction business In India
  • Understanding the medical devices regulatory intelligence in Latin America and South East Asia
  • Demand estimation study for primary copper in India for a leading metal and mineral mining company
  • Supplier search in India for construction machinery components
  • Study on understanding the takes of Indian leisure cyclists for a leading cycle manufacturing company