Our Expertise

Managing business risk is one of the keys to business success and growth and at AGR, we offer a host of services to help you minimize risks and take informed decisions.

In the global economy, the difference between a good and a poor decision is often background information. Our background research helps provide the context and information necessary for making informed decisions
Through our reputation checks and verification services we are able to give our clients a quick snapshot of the authenticity of the various actors in the business ecosystem
Our trained team of analysts is able to provide reliable market intelligence to facilitate partner due dilligence
In the face of unforeseen crises, management teams often struggle for an adequate and appropriate response. Be it tax enquiries, compliance checks, cybercrimes etc. Our panel of experts helps management take quick action during a crises on a real time basis
AGR along with its partners provides an independent, professional and robust approach to forensic investigation ensuring minimization and mitigation of risk. Our investigations go a step beyond background check to identify irregularities, classify offences etc. Our empanelled team of experts helps corporations to put together evidence to build their case
AGR along with its partners provides specialist services in the area of transfer pricing solutions. From Planning and Advisory to Compliance and Documentation are some of the services we provide
Internal processes are as much a risk and compliance issue as external ones and hence need to be managed. Our internal audit services are an in-depth review of internal client processes to ensure compliance and risk management

  • Reputation assessment of a bicycle company
  • Background check and reputation assessment of edible oil companies for investments
  • Bank branch benchmarking to arrive at best banks for investments
  • Due diligence on various automobile dealers for short listing a national dealer for a two wheeler company
  • Reputation check on various auto components firms with emphasis on labour issues prior to an investment decision
  • Background check on two investment bankers for a new venture
  • Background check on construction companies and its promoters for creating a legal document
  • Background check on a lobbyist and his associated firms
  • Background check on a pharma packaging company for an Investment banking firm