Our Expertise

AGR helps you expand your business to new geographies not just through our expertise in global market entry but through our understandings of the intricacies of launching a new business in a new geography, regulatory hurdles and processes as well as our capabilities in partner and dealer matching services.

Using our in house geographical expertise and our team and processes specializing in global market entry we can help you grow your business through identifying attractive global markets
Regulatory challenges can be daunting for any business looking to explore global markets. At AGR, not only are we able to pin point specific regulatory issues but also provide solutions to regulatory hurdles
Identification and diligence services enable our clients to thread quickly but cautiously in the global marketplace
At AGR we have processes to help our clients locate dealers, partners and distributors in global markets. Our teams travel with clients and through a mix of local knowledge and research are able to provide matching services in a timely and cost effective manner
Global business expansion while providing a host of opportunities is also fraught with risks. Through our risk assessment services we are able to help our clients put their best foot forward with minimal risk
AGR provides not just distributor and franchise matching services but also distribution support
In our bid to partner with our clients on an end to end basis, we also provide project feasibility and business planning services taking into account the contigency of running a successful business in a new geography
We help our clients not just identify new markets but also locations within geographies so that our clients are optimally placed to run their businesses with ease and at the lowest cost
We extend pre sales and sales support to our clients ensuring their topline growth through expertise and efficiency of our services
At AGR we are actively working to update our databases to give our client's our one of a kind dealer rating and intelligence system which rates dealer's across the globe on parameters other than purely financial ones. This intelligence when married with our existing capabilities helps us to facilitate effective business growth across borders

  • Facilitated the re–entry as well as regaining of market shares for a leading three wheeler Manufacturing giant in the Tanzanian Market
  • Understanding regulations for energy saving windows in China for a leading global chemicals company
  • Understanding the global marine regulations related to particulate matter emission for a oil and gas major
  • Conducted Due Diligence for wheat flour mills business in Yemen
  • Conducted a detail assessment of a MEG project in Brazil for a large investment Bank
  • Vendor identification, discussions and short-listing for a global heavy vehicle manufacturer
  • Identifying top matches for potential carbon capture and storage projects in Europe
  • Identified and profiled crane and heavy engineering vendors globally for a leading US based engineering giant
  • Supported SMEs to expand their business beyond the UK market, for an international business association
  • Understanding the medical devices regulatory intelligence in select countries in Middle East, Latin America, CIS and South East Asia, to support global growth strategy
  • Developed a marketing and distribution plan for the two wheelers business of an African trading company
  • Conducted a project feasibility assessment for manufacturing baby diapers in Ethiopia
  • Developed a Techno-economic feasibility report (TEFR) for establishing fragrance oil operations in KSA and UAE
  • Helped a midsized engineering company is evaluating manufacturing locations in Middle East as compared to India
  • Helped generate quality prospects for the account management team for a leading oil and gas major in more than 25 countries across Europe, Asia, South East Asia, Africa and South America
  • Identified potential sales leads in pharmaceutical companies across more than 15 countries in Europe for marketing new drugs
  • Conducted telephonic interviews, surveys with fleet owners and workshops for their interest in a new supplier of auto components
  • Conducted a dealer satisfaction study in Turkey for a large Indian two wheeler manufacturer
  • Distributor satisfaction study in Africa for a leading Indian chemical company