Our Expertise

We provide a gamut of services to power the engines of your business growth.

From industry analysis to trends, our industry landscaping services provide our clients a panoramic view of the industry
Competitor information and benchmarking are critical in staying ahead of competition and growing market share. AGR provides in depth competitor intelligence services
We provide our clients with detailed value chain mapping and pricing related insights enabling informed decisions and insights about their organizations, competition and markets
We help our clients understand project feasibility and techno economic feasibility through our in-house expertise and frameworks enabling informed decision making
We assist in helping our client increase their revenue through our lead generation services
From identifying new technologies and IP portfolio analysis to techno-commercial feasibility are some of the services we provide in this domain
We assist our clients in the distribution process not only with research and insights but with implementation and feet on the ground
Our vendor identification, evaluation and development offerings provide you a hassle free way of identifying and growing your vendors

  • Assisted a Saudi based company in understanding Fragrance market in entire GCC region and developing business plan for setting-up fragrance oil manufacturing facility
  • Understood and evaluated market gaps for diapers in Ethiopia and developed sourcing strategy (manufacturing vs. contract manufacturing vs. JV) for a large Ethiopian company
  • Assisted a Japanese automotive company in setting-up distribution network across major Indian cities
  • Developed export strategy for Qatari non-oil exports
  • Understood price trends for select inputs to Indian chemical industry
  • Evaluated new opportunities in specialty chemicals and biopharma industry
  • Evaluated energy efficiency landscape for a global power and energy conglomerate
  • Strategic analysis of Competition for UVs and LCVs markets for large automotive company
  • Understood competitiveness of garment sourcing for Asian to International markets
  • Two wheeler market and partner identification in Ukraine and parts of West Africa
  • Understood the aviation fuels patents landscape
  • Understood the gas treating technology and service opportunities in India
  • Understanding the technology of deep removal of sulfur without the use of H2
  • Global demand analysis and countrywide studies on markets and entry prospects for metals from India using our unique cost-effective methodology
  • Identified potential sales leads in pharmaceutical companies across more than 15 countries in Europe for marketing new drugs
  • Identified acquisition targets in the building and construction industry for the investment advisory of a Big 4 accounting and consulting company
  • Vendor identification, discussions and short-listing for a global heavy vehicle manufacturer
  • Vendor identification and profiling for a large European food chemicals company