We possess extensive experience of conducting market assessment studies across US and Canada on multiple sectors. We have also helped government agencies and corporations from other regions look at export as well as investment opportunities in the world’s largest consumer market.


  • Butanediol market opportunity assessment for a leading oil and gas company
  • Understanding carbon disulphide market in North America
  • Identified long term bottlenecks in wind and solar energy value chain for an international energy agency
  • Identified target companies in acid gas treating in North America for a technology supplier
  • Assess customer needs and market opportunity for launch of online app based video on demand solution for a large television media group
  • Potential for machine tools in select global markets
  • Identified potential market for tunneling equipment in US and Canada
  • Global market study for nano silver
  • Global market study for electric motor brakes
  • Global market study for generic injectibles