Greater China, Japan, Korea and the member countries of ASEAN are home to dynamic economies and several successful multinationals call it home

Avalon Global Research works closely with our partners like local consulting firms to provide feet on the ground in this region. We have conducted market assessments across diverse sectors for multinationals and local businesses

Our interviews have been in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, Thai and Vietnamese


  • Understanding the market for food chemicals in SE Asia for a leading chemical company in Bangkok
  • Study of the market opportunities for Indian agri products in SE Asia
  • Understanding the South East Asia refineries for a leading petroleum technology licensor
  • Understanding the castor oil derivatives market in Japan
  • Understanding the polycarbonate resin market in Korea
  • Study to understand the market for steel wire ropes market in Malaysia and South Korea
  • Global market opportunity for pyruvic acid- China and Japan
  • Understanding the carbon disulphide market in Indonesia
  • Market study for bitumen in Thailand
  • Market landscaping for sodium bicarbonate in Malaysia