Large Organizations
  • One of the largest oil & gas companies

  • One of the largest chemical companies

  • One of the world's largest shipping lines

  • A Fortune 500 food and beverages company

  • Biotech division of the of the worlds largest chemical producer

  • A large Indian engineering firm

  • Global mobile phone services company

  • A premium global supplier of auto-mobile components to the motor vehicle industry

  • A large Indian paints company

Government Bodies
  • Over a dozen government bodies and associations in India

  • Large government funded organizations in Oman, Brazil, UK & the Netherlands

  • Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates of many countries

  • Industry missions from Europe

  • Industry promotion bodies of many states in India

  • Other entities like NGOs, state sponsored venture capital firms etc

IBs, VCs and Other Financial Service Providers
  • One of the largest funds in Middle East

  • One of the largest PE houses in India

  • One of the largest global banks

  • A Top European investment house

  • One of the top international insurance company

Consulting and Research Companies
  • Two of the top 4 consulting companies

  • Leading management consultancy firm in Europe and USA

  • Global Chemical industry consulting firm

  • European marine consultant

  • One of the largest infrastructure consulting companies

  • A furniture maker in Mumbai, India

  • A co-operative sector starch manufacturer

  • An entrepreneur specializing in metal Injection moulding

  • An aluminum coated pan maker for bakeries

  • A software developer for the logistics sector